PCR is seeking an apprentice looking to switch careers into digital marketing to support and work alongside our account and strategy teams in direct communication with the agency’s clients. The goal of our apprenticeship is to gain an understanding of all areas PCR works within. There will be rotations within the Accounts Team, B2B Team, Retention Team, and UX/Customer Journey Team - to give the applicant a breadth of experience and expose them to areas of focus for their next step in their career. With each rotation, we will provide experience, training, and access to accreditation on relevant platforms to better prepare the applicant for the marketing/digital world. The intention of this program is to provide strong experience to those looking to make a change and allow for strong placement opportunities in their next step, either with PCR (Our Hope!) or within the digital marketing space. 

  • Responsible To | Head of Account / Head of Strategy
  • External Relationships | Clients, External Partners
  • Internal Relationships | B2B Team, Retention Team, UX Team, Data Analytics, Leadership
  • Hours | Part-Time


  1. High written and verbal communication skill
  2. Effective project management skills
  3. Skill in both analysis of opportunity as well as synthesis of resolution
  4. High organizational skill
  5. Ability to collaborate with a variety of personalities and to unify their strengths in service of a singular purpose
  6. Ability to rapidly gain technical knowledge of implementation and review systems

Expectations + Accomplishments

  • Work with each team on plan formulation
  • Opportunity Identification and Development
  • Action and Implementation
  • Accreditation 


  • Phase 1 // B2B (Month 1-2)
  • Phase 2 // Retention (Month 3-4)
  • Phase 3 // UX/Data (Month 5-6)

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